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April 13, 2020

A Lost Spring (with Professor Mitchell Nathanson)

A Lost Spring (with Professor Mitchell Nathanson)
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Professor Mitchell Nathanson, author of Jim Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original,joins Jacke for a discussion of athletes, heroes, and A.E. Housman. Why do we celebrate athletes? How do we view them when their athleticism fades? And what does it all mean? We'll look at the problems of male vulnerability, the groundbreaking work Ball Four by Jim Bouton, and the criticism of that book, most notably by esteemed sportswriter Roger Kahn. Close your eyes and imagine a world where the grass is green, the leaves are lush, and kids are outside playing without a care in the world. We're celebrating spring at the History of Literature, even as we continue to stay indoors to avoid the coronavirus.

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