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My new favourite podcast

I can't stop listening to this. I might need an intervention soon.

Longtime listener

I'm a swing shift housekeeper (read: janitor) at a Veterans' Hospital, so podcasts help my night go. It took me about a month to get through the entire backlog, and I eagerly await Jacke's postings every week. He doesn't really have a radio voice, but his concise summaries of the material and themes of his books are incredible. The interviews are unparalleled, with surprise bonus questions that throw EVERYBODY off.

Such a great show!

If you love literature and discussion this is the show for you! I always listen on my drives and walks throughout my city of Prague. Love it! Thank you!

Like the Great Lectures

This podcast reminds me of the Teaching Company 's Great Courses series. Great intellectual treats. Makes you feel like one of the literati


The host Jacke is a wonderful storyteller. He talks about life and the human condition in literature with such passion that you'll want to drop everything, run to a bookstore and buy the epic of Gilgamesh. I especially love how raw and unscripted the episodes seem. They feel like a conversation with a friend.

History of Literature

This is a fabulous podcast! I give it an enthusiastic 5 star rating. Since I discovered it a few weeks ago, I have downloaded every episode and listened to over 30 of them. Jacke is the perfect host--warm, witty, personable and entertaining, all the while interviewing fascinating authors, introducing his listeners to great new authors, or discussing classics. Every podcast is a treat to listen to. I urge you to subscribe so that you don't miss a single podcast. I save mine so I can re-listen to them, and frankly, I'm dreading the day when I reach the final episode. To fortify myself against that day, I have ordered from Amazon Jacke's two novellas, THE RACE and THE PROMOTION, and am eagerly looking forward to reading them. Bottom line: A brilliant podcast by an exceptional human being.

What the world needs

This is an amazing podcast. Covers so much but in a way that is entertaining as well as informative and very funny. Jacke Wilson really nails what’s wonderful about literature and the endeavor/struggle in trying to spend every waking moment reading and discussing it.

Excellent and Informative

Great podcast. Love to hear about old favorites and discover authors and novels I should have known already. Suggestions: Joseph Conrad (specifically Nostromo), Bulgakov, Barthelme, Houellebecq, Amos Oz, Isaac Singer. Keep up the awesome work and thank you!

A unique voice

Boy, can this man sell fish! Jacke Wilson is a wonderful voice in the podcast universe. Knowledgeable, sincere, silly, Wilson is invaluable like an endangered species. He does not just love literature but life and it comes through loud and clear in each episode. I really like the idea that he is coming to me through the small media like someone on shortwave. Subversive for all the right reasons. I am an English professor and a reader and a writer and Jacke Wilson is like my Batman.

History of Literature

Great subject matter, but sound quality, at least for me, is terrible.

Refreshing, intimate and engaging!

This is the type of podcast I was looking for. As a graduate student in literature, I find this to be a refreshing reader response that truly connects, engages and highlights the texts that are examined. The presentation is informal, and sustains a level of intimacy that I hope will never be lost. There are small snippets of commentary such as go grab some tea or interspersed anecdotal material that makes me long for the days of reading in coffee shops, detached amid the bustling world. I think this is the feel of the podcast, as I catch up with the episodes that run across the globe from Gilgamesh to the current state of Lit through MFA programs.