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England vs France

This cast is a lot of fun and very much worth your time. But there’s so much here ... it deeply cuts into my actual READING time! I’d resent that greatly were Mitch & Andy & Nikki not so surpassingly good! They’re SO good, in fact, I CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY to this cast, despite the fact that the nationwide radio news network that has employed me ... recently went out of business. But as Shakespeare or Jesus or Aristotle or one of those said, “Humankind does not live be bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouths of Miller and Mitchenson and Birch. Whichever holy man or sharp wag said it ... was exactly right. Evan Haning, DC region

A dedicated host providing reliably thoughtful content

With each episode my opinion of the Jacke the host, a humble Wisconsinite, improves. He’s a bright & funny guy.

See Jacke Think

He offers his thoughts, not theories or close readings. I see him thinking and even laugh out loud at times Listening to this podcast is to share in a kind man’s readings of authors whose writing nurtures our humanity As my soul needs wisdom and my mind a good bedtime story to put it to rest, this podcast has become my go-to!

I could listen to this all day

I love this show: the perspective, the voice, and the insightful explorations of authors and their works.

Absolutely love!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge in such a beautiful narrative!

rave review here

Jacke comes on all gentle, relaxed, almost a Mr. Rogers, but his gravitas sneaks up on you. Guy is serious, wise, and funny in the best sort of world-weary way. All I could ask is a better podcast title, ha.

Here for this!

Love this podcast! Wilson’s personality is perfect for me!

Gotta skip through til he gets to meat of the episode

Ok love the podcast except when I’m skipping half of it to actually get to part where he’s talking about the author and their work. Worth the listen once he gets there


Stumbled here and love it!!! Edifying and entertaining. The host is self deprecating and wonderful and not at all a dumkoft 😆

I read Flaubert

I was inspired by your Madame Bovary-melt the stars- episode! Thank you. What should I read next? CP

Grows of you

Of course, it took me a while to appreciate the unique nature of this podcast series. But for some reason I did keep coming back. The podcasts does not follow the usual linear progression of logical thought or buildup of material that I’m mostly familiar with. I wonder if I could call the podcaster’s style as “stream of consciousness with some structure”. Doesn’t matter what I call it, I do always end up with so many ideas, thoughts and things to write about halfway through an episode. I can’t imagine biking without this anymore! Good luck

Caviar to the general

Admitting that this podcast will not be for everyone, I’m obsessed with Jacke’s extraordinary skill as a speaker, his knowledge and his background. This is for people who love to read. It is not stuffy or overly intellectual or condescending or negative in any way. His guests are diverse (as is the writing he looks at) and the format is fresh and always changing with the times. (I’m 100 or so episodes in - out of 300 and something - and I’ve listened to episodes both from the beginning and recent ones.) Jacke has a quirky sense of humor and he shares his personal connections to the books discussed. I have been moved and laughed out loud. Yes, there’s history and analysis and one can learn from this, but mostly it’s a celebration. He and his guests read from time to time and there are recordings of author’s reading their own works. I’ve enjoyed episodes about books and writers I’m unfamiliar with. One could pick and choose what to listen to without losing a thread. (I’ve listened to the first 60 episodes.) Lastly, the man lived in Asia and can speak with authority about books and poetry from cultures often overlooked in the west. Check it out.

Just magical

Makes me feel less alone.

A pleasure each week

Having just recently gotten into podcasts, I am so glad to have found the history of literature. It is entertaining and informative. As someone who has always enjoyed reading, and who is instructor of literature this is a great guilty escape each week.


I love this podcast and look forward to new episodes. However when I listened to the episode on Lolita I heard two reviewers struggling with the subject matter Of Nabokov’s book. Literature often deals with difficult subjects Hansel and Greta child abuse attempted murder ,crime and punishment murder, in cold blood senseless brutal attacks. I think Lolita can be read without making denials of the subject matter or excuses for the story


Im glad I found this podcast and look forward to listen to it. My first was about Gabo (Gabriel G. Marquez). It was good…., but not a single word of his outlook of Social Justice that was so prevalent in Gabo’s intelectual makeup.

Thanks for this!

I just found your podcast and really enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed the history of literature and the literature of history. They go hand in hand and your program does a wonderful coalescence. Cheers!

In my top three

I just discovered The History of Literature podcast this year, and now I am trying to catch on all I missed. I never thought I would find a podcast/host I liked as much as This American Life and Ira Glass, but Jacke manages to put together a program that is as witty, entertaining, and intellectually stimulating without having the support of a public radio broadcast team. You have to try this podcast! You will be hooked!

Yes to literature, ugh emails

Interesting content on literature, but the emails from listeners is so annoying to me, just an exercise in narcissism on all sides.

The History of Literature is my favorite. The stories have sustained me during dificult times.

Jacke knows literature and presents in a much more warm and personal way, not the stuffy or condescending prof type! I have learned so much and it inspired me to read more broadly and with an open mind. I heard the show on Ovid before reading Bates book on Shakespeare and past mythology. Thanks Jacke!

Wonderful Podcast

Incredible podcast!


Oh my.....I had no idea that I love literature. Jacke makes literature so accessible and relevant.

Superb literary analysis

Jacke Wilson is the English teacher you wish you had. He’s knowledgeable, funny, probably has an episode about your favorite author. What a great resource. Reading is so enjoyable with someone like Jacke to flesh out and analyze great literature with.

Delightful Discovery!

If you like books and history and interesting people’s thoughts, you can’t go wrong with the soothing voice of Jacke Wilson, sharing information and insights about literature from the Old Testament to Kazuo Ishiguro. This is one of my favorites.


I absolutely love this podcast. It’s a work of literary art in itself - the care that is put into each episode, the way the information is shared, the personal stories, the fact that the old literary giants seem to come alive - Jacke Wilson is a master storyteller and the podcast is a twice a week gift.

See Jacke Think

He offers his thoughts, not theories or close readings. I see him thinking and even laugh out loud at times Listening to this podcast is too share in a kind man’s readings of authors whose writing nurtures our humanity As my soul needs wisdom and my mind a good bedtime story to put it to rest, this podcast has become my go-to!

Excellent podcasts for readers

I genuinely find learning more about authors and their best works really interesting. I like listening to this during the day when I’m painting or something like that but I also really love falling asleep listening to someone talk about a novel <3 10/10

The History of Literature

Simply the best!

Great Show

Love Jack and this awesome show!

In-depth, entertaining, funny, warm

This is a wonderful podcast! Jacke’s intelligent, sensitive and humorous words crackle with energy and enthusiasm for a variety of topics. He is not only versed in literature from the past and present, but knowledgeable about to synthesize this information for us today. This podcast has given me new questions to ask about not only about my own life, but also about our current political struggles here in the US and elsewhere. Jacke provides us with a moral, albeit undogmatic and nuanced lense through which we might view our present condition. Jacke is above all a great reader and has a funny, soothing demeanor and voice. It’s just fun!