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Enjoying This

I just discovered this podcast last week. I was looking for Rob Lowe’s Literally but when History of Literature popped up I had to check it out. Listened to the Ebenezer Scrooge episode and got hooked. Gotta say listening to Jacke’s take on books is far more edifying than an interview with sometimes gifted sometimes privileged actor.

Completely enraptured

Jacke has everything what’s right in podcast listening. It’s his rhythm, it’s his hyperlink think... then there’s the deep knowledge of the author, the book, and those characters! He’s a character himself. This is the penultimate bedtime story, morning coffee, and my errands in the time of COVID. Thanks Jacke.

Great, fun, nerdy podcast!

It’s like sitting by a warm fire talking to my nerdy lit friend about great literature, the authors who wrote it, the historical context, and its relativity to today. I love it! Like a book club of one as we ride out Covid. Thank you Jacke!


This podcast has made teleworking so much more enjoyable...helps me not smash my computer on a daily basis.

Your New Favorite Podcast

I am a lover of history and have just started rereading the classics during the pandemic. Jacke does the most fabulous job describing the history of novels & life stories of the authors. Can’t recommend it enough! Also, Jacke has the best radio voice ever! Love hearing about his travels

A great listen

This is so nice to listen to-it's brought me back to my first love-books.

History of Literature Podcast

I listen to lots of podcasts and the History of Literature is my absolute favorite. I look forward to each new episode and Jack is an excellent friend to ride this pandemic out with.

The Best Classic Books Podcast

I’ve learned about so many new authors and books I’ve never heard of just from listening to Jacke and Mike talking. I tend to skip the email reading but the actual content is solid. Like everyone who reads books, they’re opinionated, so don’t be shocked if your favorite classic or author gets dismissed. My favorite episodes are the “list” ones. Most of the other book/lit podcasts I’ve tried were either too surfacy, too woke, or too focused on how the books applied to Christianity.

It was a wonderful discovery!

The History of Literature is a great podcast. I discovered it searching literature podcasts when the lockdown in my country started. It has a broad perspective and a variety of authors, traditions, and very concerned guests. Without doubt, listen one of the episodes. If you love reading, sure you will find something interesting.

What a treasure!

I highly recommend this podcast to all lovers of literature that want a little background on the books on our reading lists. Informative without being condescending. A soothing and relaxing voice but not boring.LOVE that he weaves music into his program. The first show I listened to flew by...So glad I found this!

Dive deep into favorite books and authors

Love how this podcast covers beloved books and authors. The opposite of brain-strain lecturing, the host shares what he loves about these books, puts them into context and dives deep into their magic. Wonderful!

Love this show! But...

I really do live this show, and look forward to the next. But, the reading of ‘thank you’ emails at the beginning of each show is way too much bragging.

Job done

Had not checked in for a couple months, so good to see the high output and title like Karamazov and Karanina. Thanks Jacke and Mike and friends!

Love it!

Great episode about Orwell, really enjoyed it and truly insightful. the Dumas episode was fun and interesting as well! Hope Saint-Exupery follows soon😊 Thank you for your effort, can’t get enough of your pod

England vs France

This cast is a lot of fun and very much worth your time. But there’s so much here ... it deeply cuts into my actual READING time! I’d resent that greatly were Mitch & Andy & Nikki not so surpassingly good! They’re SO good, in fact, I CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY to this cast, despite the fact that the nationwide radio news network that has employed me ... recently went out of business. But as Shakespeare or Jesus or Aristotle or one of those said, “Humankind does not live be bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouths of Miller and Mitchenson and Birch. Whichever holy man or sharp wag said it ... was exactly right. Evan Haning, DC region

Absolutely Marvelous

Like having a pub conversation with your most dramatic erudite and well read friend

Educational and therapeutic

A thoughtful, personal look at literature from a true afficianado. I listen to discover new authors and to learn more about old favorites. I've also listened to have something to think about when I needed some relief from a troubling situation. So it is, for me, both educational and therapeutic.

Orange Hat

Such a beautiful piece of work—this podcast!! Love Jacke Wilson’s approach, style, and sense of humor

Literature Porn

Quite possibly my favorite human in the world to listen to at the moment


Jacke is so warm, knowledgeable and humble. He’s interesting, smart and seems so very kind. I’m learning a lot and enjoy most episodes a great deal. It’s a bedtime ritual. I’m not into Shakespeare or poetry so I just skip those. I adore many contemporary female writers, most I’ve discovered by being a 40 yr New Yorker reader. You could definitely add more! I’m so glad there are many writers/works to meet here, ones I’m not familiar with. I’m a passionate and lazy reader. Lazy because I forget 90% and don’t care in the least. I’ll reread. Or I’ll listen to a fav episode a few times. Thank you for this.

My new #1

Has gradually become my favorite podcast. A perfect companion. Not only for the lessons and history but for also for Jacke. HOL has classic radio appeal. The best.

“It’s Lit” - travis scott

This podcast is a banger. Jack Wilson has the most soothing voice ever put to pod. For those (like myself) recently graduated from college and missing those lectures, this is it. Great way to get context on authors you may have missed, or those you read obsessively and want some second opinions on.

I’m a fan!

For this bibliophile, The History of Literature is a feast! I get to hear riveting stories well told. It’s a great mix of humor, humanity, and history, and it adds to my TBR. I just started listening today; it’s exciting to think of how many podcasts there are to binge. Jacke, you’re an incredible host and storyteller. Thanks for sharing with us.

Happy Accidental Discovery

I had no idea I needed this podcast, but, after typing "Robert Frost" into the search field, here I am and I most definitely do. Thank you to everyone involved. Jacke is so calm and collected, yet genuine and full of life. The breadth of his experience and the spectrum of his passion for literature shines through our overcast days like sunshine. Despite living in the age of social distance, this production affords me the privilege of feeling like I'm hanging out with a kindred soul. Much appreciated, and much love!

Great podcast

Makes me feel like I’m a sophomore in college sitting in my American Literature class again. Fantastic podcast.

Great podcast

This is a super great podcast, I can’t stop listening!

History of Literature

Wonderful podcast for anyone who loves books.

Jack Wilson is in my brain in a good way.

The endearing host of this podcast is equally matched to its rich content. A v unpretentious approach to digging into hearty literary soil. Don’t speed through Jack’s reading from listener emails or anything really. All is wonderfully enriching. In his hands I feel there’s something more to discover and thus care about. Go Jack Go! Pass your humble torch of brightness to us all.

Great for people who think of themselves as readers

For frequent readers (or people who remember when they were frequent readers) this is a fantastic way to rediscover classic authors you forgot to read and get a little inspiration to pick up a book or maybe move on to something better. I’m jumping around favorite writers now and occasionally listening to an episode about someone I irrationally dislike (having never read them). This podcast is like having lunch with my English-major friends in college. An interesting taste - just enough to enjoy and wither whet or sate the appetite. Helps that Jacke is so incredibly funny.