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Excellent podcast

I’ve only listened to one podcast on Raymond Carver, though I liked it so much I listened to it twice. I look forward to making my way through all of them!

A true joy!

I always learn something new from each episode. Nutritious food for the soul and healthy exercise for the mind while being continually entertaining.

A Humane and Erudite Podcast

Listening to The History of Literature is like having a great conversation with a great friend about books, plays, and poetry that you love. Cameo appearances by Oliver Twist, Elizabeth Bennett, and smile Palindrome are great treats. Khardison

Brilliant and beautiful

Grateful to listen to Jacke’s soothing, knowledgeable voice talking about books I love ( or will soon love) What a luscious treat to accompany me on my walks. Thank you Jacke

Excellent Podcast

Mr. Wilson I want to thank you for your work, not only does it help enlighten me but helps to build a bridge to my children. I recently shared an episode of yours with my eldest daughter who has a tattoo of a fragment of Sappho on her arm accompanied by a Sappho’s bust. We were able to share some of your insights and have one of those moments that parents from all generations cherish most. Thank you

A perfect podcast for new teachers

As a recently graduated student on his way to his first classroom, this podcast offers knowledge and analysis on many different forms of literature! Well worth a listen!

Top notch

Truly the best podcast. Thankful Jacke has created it. I have listened to all 250 episodes at least once... and will keep listening.

Diving deep

Just finished the Brothers Kharamazov episode and wiping the tears from my eyes. Jacque takes the art of a novel and allows it to summon him and then us to drop over the side of our boat. We watch the symbols and characters and soon we are looking in a mirror. The connections and the meanings are so profound and makes the literature intensely personal. To reflect on the Dostoyevsky family history and the novels painful twists is Jacque’s doorway in this case into fatherhood. And to end it with Billy Joel’s lullaby was a remarkable deep connection that made me want to call my own sons who are now in their thirties no longer at home. I came back to their bedsides and our nightly routine of reading books and telling stories. So many sweet and some painful memories. But all good; all well worth letting these reflections catch hold of you too.

Me, too!

I love Jack's delivery, sence of humor, amazing knowledge, and modern references (like "Breaking Bad")...such a satisfying experience up through time!

Jacke and Mike

Name a more dynamic duo. What I’d to have beer with those guys Thank you

beautifully done

listen from your bed on a lazy morning or while taking a long walk. Inspiring. Creator seems in earnest.

Excellent! Best podcast out there

I have a Ph.D. in literature and listening to Jack reminds me of my favorite moments in grad school. This is such high level stuff.

One of my favorite podcasts

Rich, informative, entertaining

Relaxed and informative

Relaxing, calming, personal, informative, charming. Perfect to get me through the work day. Surprised that some reviews can be so insulting and accusatory when really it’s just a matter of taste. Keep being you Jacke!

Found a new best friend!

Went searching for new angles on the Upanishads... found a new best friend through this gorgeous podcast. I feel both less alone and more comfortable in my aloneness. Ty! 🙏🏽Jess at Reframe Your Artistry

Love the podcast but hate the music

The music clip doesn’t reflect the voice and content. Use something intriguing with complex chords — Erik Satie or jazz?

Multiple gratitude

I would like to thank Jacke Wilson for his dedication to good literature and his efforts to share his witty and sincere insights about authors and books with his listeners. I have learnt so much from this podcast and it has brought more depth into my reading. Thanks to the podcast not only my gratitude towards great literature but the number of books on my shelves are also multiplying! I recommend this podcast to all book lovers.

Special Edition - America in Crisis

Thank you, Jacke. It’s not political to speak the truth.

Does so many things so well

This is my favorite podcast of all time, hands down. It's got everything. He perfect nails a combination of being informative but also entertaining and also engaging with historical events in a very meaningful way. He makes history into a three-dimensional, full-color experience instead of just black words on a page. I've been listening for a long time now and the whole pocast is worth it. The first few episodes have mediocre sound quality but after the first few it's golden, so don't let that dissuade you. Some of the other things Jacke Wilson manages to do so well include: talking about religious or political works without getting bogged down into the debates on religion or politics themselves, sprinkling humor and variety throughout the show, and really engaging with readers. He loves to read emails, and he's a great conversant over email as well. So many great things about this podcast. If you are even slightly interested in learning about literature, I would definitely start listening to this today. It will increase your appetite for literature a hundred fold.

One day I’ll get ya a coffee.

New listener. Going through your backlist. This is most excellent. If you’re a literary type personage this podcast is for you. 10/10 would listen to the upanishads and the prince episode again.

A window seat on the literature express

I have been listening for more than two years now. I can’t believe it has been this long before writing a review. This series of podcasts has brought me immeasurable joy, understanding, and perspective. Jacke has introduced me to authors I would not have sampled and themes I would have avoided. I have grown as a reader by listening. His colorful personal insights make each episode more like a discussion with your friend than a dry lecture audit. When there have been longer stretches between episodes, I found myself longing for the next, worried the series would end. Please keep them coming, Jacke, there is so much more to be learned. We’re this Reddit I would vote up Bryon with a yo’s comment 20 times!

A fanboy to this fanboy of literature

I may lack the critical distance of some of the negative reviewers of this podcast, but for me it is rare to find a love of literature that Jacke exhibits on each episode of his podcast. Not only is his enthusiasm refreshing, but this podcast blends the right mix of critical analysis, informative facts about the authors and works, and the humor and personality of Jacke and his guests. To those who are turned off by reflections on current social issues, politics, and personal lives of the podcasters, I say it is the poor reader who doesn’t allow great works of art to color their vision of the world they experience both public and private. I applaud the courage of the host and his guests for expressing their rumination on these works in an open and honest way.


The guy who hosts this seems like the nicest person 🙂

A great resource

I’m a secondary English teacher. Your podcast exposes me to works that I wouldn’t normally come across that I can introduce to students (when not too scandalous). Thanks for giving me new ideas. More importantly, I admire your focus on authors from a variety of backgrounds. Literature includes but isn’t limited to dead white men. Please don’t go anywhere except up.

Just one thing

Please stop preaching about race relations. Don’t preach to the choir. You are not one voice in the wilderness. And leave your politics out of what is otherwise a wonderful discussion of literature. Trump bad, Obama good. What?


I’m an ex-high school lit. teacher who has spent the past 18 months or so of leisure time listening to podcasts concerning events of the paranormal. Fascinating subject to myself, yes, but finally grown tiresome. So I reached out my tentacles a bit. Found a nice history ‘cast that enlightened me unto Civil War Generals of both North and South. Fascinating a brief moment. Then done. Next beyond paranormal playthings brought me you. I cheer. In your way, you are as brilliant and interesting as your subjects, and if you were not, if you were false, I would leave you instantly. I will stay. Just listened to my 30th or so episode, Chekhov, “Gooseberries”. Cried. Don’t want to cry further at this moment of early frigid dawn, so the gooseberries can just stay sour for now. Just know you that your sensitive commentary wetted my eyes, and it was good to have them wetted in such a way...Next listened to Virginia Woolf. A gross disappointment. Boring interview. Little history. My own literary history began at the University of Northern Colorado in 1991. “To the Lighthouse” my first reading (novel-wise); or was it “Wuthering Heights” (beside the point here, but I adored your episode on the Brontes)? Upon reflection, the “Heights” I think. Devoured it. Then switched sisters to Charlotte. “Jane Eyre”. Here for myself I discovered, in part, the differences between a literary heavyweight (Em) & a literary mid-to-lightweight (Char). But that’s for me.... I work nights now, 12-hour-shifts at a factory. Good money. But I miss my authors. I am generally so tired on my off-days that I cannot lend thought, true thought, to my authors’ tales. But now I’ve you. Your podcast. I’ve not analyzed your entire catalog, but I will. Hoping to find Joseph Conrad, a stinking weed if you like planted there amongst the lilies...Sincerely, Daniel Gray (dflacky42@gmail).

Jacke makes you want to read and think

Jacke reminds me why I love to think and to read. He has such palpable affection for his material – and it’s contagious. This podcast has given me the energy to start and to finish reading books and stories – and that, I think, is the highest praise a podcast about literature can attain.

Jacke Wilson: A Podcaster, A Friend

I will keep this brief and to the point: I listen to this podcast nearly every day and it brings me solace. As a 24 year old literature fanatic, I find it difficult to find other similarly aged, similarly minded friends with which I could discuss literature (or art in general, but that’s a whole different conversation). Jacke Wilson’s informative podcast provides a voice and a friend that I rarely find outside of the internet.

So Good I'm Sad

How sad that a passion for great literature is rare and that Jacke Wilson hasn't been called upon to revise current to society to reflect the wisdom he talks so well about. This podcast makes me grateful for the internet; it's a mesmerizing oasis in a grim world that thinks genius is whatever makes the most money. This podcast is a small rural restaurant in Tuscany with handmade pasta and tomatoes and plums picked fresh from the hillside far from the miserable world of Chick-fil-A's.

Love the podcast but...

The too-loud and obnoxious commercials kill it. Please. Gentle listener doesn't like ringing ears